Planning management
for media libraries
library networks
and all public establishments

Planning management

Cross-cutting management of agent schedules, workstations, reception posts

Highlighting empty niches (Posts without agents or agents without activities)

Controlled entry: proposal of agents available for the position, sorted by relevance

Personalized display, choice of period (day/week/month)


For better service management

Rational management of public service and internal service workstations
Taken into account the specifics of "trades": hours of public service, team management, planning model...
Multi-site Statistics and Reports

Agents can view their schedule as well as their facility's schedule from anywhere, from any responsive system support, compatible tablets and smartphones

Cross-sectional entry of schedules/agents/workstations/reception posts.
Management of the sectors
Planning model management

Included in our offer
Training in the use of the software Support for implementation and follow-up

Training in the home function
The stakes of hospitality management of the host teams
The reception of all types of public

Organize your workstations and activities

Better organization of your library's home function

For rational management of the public service in a public or university library, on one or more sites

Jobs specifications

Taking into account the specifics of library schedules: utility slots, specific module for managing absences and replacements, meridian break, business management...

Cloud Solutions

CredoPlanning requires no installation and is accessible from all media

Simplified and ergonomic management

Assisted entry : proposal of agents with relevance levels

Schedule management assistance: schedule models, copying of schedules, management of absences, creation of events…

An interface that integrates drag-and-drop input, input control, and customization of all views

Proposal strength in the management of absences and replacements
Reliability and information sharing
Saving time
Drag and drop

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Article published in Archimag No.322 of March 2019.

Service planning management software for libraries

We are very pleased with the publication of the book The Service Planning Management Software for Libraries / Philippe Lenepveu, Marc Maisonneuve. Guillaume Wood: Klog Editions, 2019. 120p. ; 24cm. ISBN: 979-10-92272-17-8